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PCI Pal® & CommsChannel Partnership

Power Pacific is the sales representative for the new partnership between PCI Pal® and CommsChannel in the Australian and NZ markets. The partnership brings together the globally leading secure payment technology of PCI Pal®, available as SaaS through AWS, to customers over the ComsChannel national network. 

PCI Pal® & CommsChannel Partnership

Power Pacific Solutions is the key representative for the new partnership between PCI Pal® and CommsChannel in the Australian and NZ markets

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Secure Payments

Secure payments and remove your contact centre environment from PCI scope through the PCIPal solutions – Agent Assist, IVR, and Digital – all delivered by cloud through the CommsChannel’s core national network.

Secure Payment Solutions

PCI Pal secure payment solutions operate to descope PCI compliance obligations across contact center and enterprise channels.

Agent Assist utilizes DTMF (Dual Tone Multi-Frequency) masking technology and speech recognition to provide enterprises with secure phone payment handling without compromising PCI DSS obligations.

It integrates with the call flow and, at the point of payment, intercepts any keypad tones or speech from the customer. In this way, the agent does not hear nor see the card data, rather they see asterisks on their screens.

The customer and the agent remain connected throughout this process, but sensitive personal card data, the PAN and the CSV, are prevented from reaching the agent or contact centre  environment, eliminating or severely reducing the scope of PCI compliance.

The IVR Payments solution empowers your customers to make payments 24/7 without speaking to an agent, or accessing your website. Payments are handled within PCI Pal’s secure cloud and integrate with an existing IVR solution. 

Following identification & versification, the IVR passes the caller to the PCI Pal cloud when a payment is required.  PCI Pal captures the sensitive card data and blocks this data from reaching the contact centre or enterprise environment, again using DTMF masking technology and speech recognition.  This eliminates or severely reduces the scope of PCI compliance.

The Digital solution provides secure payment via digital engagement channels such as webchat, email, social media, WhatsApp and SMS, enabling a truly omni-channel capability.

When payment is requested through a digital channel, the agent generates a secure URL, which is sent to the customer. The customer clicks on the URL opening a secure payment page on their device where they enter their payment details.

The agent and the customer remain in conversation throughout the payment process, enabling tracking of payment progress and support if needed.  Expiry time limits can be added to the secure URL, effectively creating a digital invoice.

Benefits of the Secure Payment Solutions

  • Creates customer peace of mind
  • Reduces the scope of PCI DSS
  • Increases payment success
  • Reduces Average Handling Time
  • Reduces pressure on agents
  • Safe and scalable
  • Integrates & certified against most payment providers
  • Integrates with existing IVRs
  • Phone & CRM system agnostic
  • Fully automated 
  • Multiple languages supported
  • DTMF Masking & speech recognition supported
  • Enables all digital channels where a URL can be shared
  • Switches seamlessly between channels
  • Supports SCA and PSD2 requirement
  • Wide integration capability
  • Supports ‘Digital Invoicing’ for ‘anytime’ payments.
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Technology Partners

PCI Pal®

  • PCI Pal® deliver cloud-based payment security solutions to descope contact centre and IVR environments from PCI obligations.

  • The vision is to provide a compelling case to achieve PCI compliance and safeguard reputation.

  • PCI Pal® solutions are globally through AWS.

  • Integrations with existing telephony, payment gateway and desktops are extensive, proven, easily implemented and flexible to cope with non-standard payment requirements.


  • CommsChannel has partnered with PCI Pal® to provide secure cloud payment solutions.

  • CommsChannel serves PCI Pal® as a SaaS solution, partnered with its wholesale carrier, telco and contact centre offerings.

Power Pacific Solutions

Power Pacific Solutions logo

Power Pacific acts as a solution and sales agent for the CommsChannel delivery of PCI Pal® solutions.

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This is Australia

Ebook reader

The State of Security in the Eyes of Australia Consumers.

Key findings:

  • Australians believe that Retail is the least secure industry, when sharing personal information over the phone, followed by the travel industry
  • Half (49%) are not comfortable reading their credit card information over the phone
  • One in three (34%) Australians acknowledge that they have been victim of a hack or security breach
  • 40% trust national companies more as ‘national companies follow tighter security protocols’, compared to 30% trust of local companies 
  • 57% advise “regular security audits” and 50% also say ‘if sensitive personal information was not required for everything” would make them feel that their data is safe.
  • Only 6% of Australians don’t feel that there is a problem with their data safety currently.


This is Australia

Securing Payments in 2021 Australia

Hackers work around the clock to steal  identification and personal data for their own ends.  These opportunistic cybercriminals are further capitalising on remote working situations. Australian Consumers are rightfully holding businesses accountable for lax data security practices.

Join PCI Pal’s CISO, Geoff Forsyth, and Len Power of CommsChannel, in this latest instalment of ‘Secure Payments’. They will discuss the state of payment security within Australian contact centres, and how they can meet the highest compliance and security standards to build and maintain customer loyalty and trust.

Listeners will learn: 

  • How contact centres can process credit card payments securely whilst working from home
  • How a business’s poor data security practice can impact customer loyalty and future spend
  • Looking ahead to PCI DSS 4.0 – what the much-anticipated update means for businesses processing card payments, how the auditing process will change and what organisations can do to prepare

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